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Main documents related to the ROC project.

The source files of these documents can be found in (restricted access).


ROC-GEN-SYS-PLN-00002-LES: ROC Concept and Implementation Requirements Document (CIRD)

ROC-GEN-OTH-SPC-00064-LES: ROC User Requirements (URD)


ROC-GEN-SYS-PLN-00040-LES: ROC Software Validation Plan (SVP)

  • Issue 01, Rev. 00, (Draft)

ROC-GEN-MGT-PLN-00041-LES: ROC Operations Management Plan (OMP)


ROC-GEN-SYS-NTT-00019-LES: ROC Engineering Guidelines for external Users (REGU)

User Requirements

ROC-TST-GSE-SWU-00003-LES: RPW Calibration Data Visualization User Requirements

  • Issue 01, Rev. 02, released on  

ROC-OPS-SFT-SWU-00039-LES: ROC Human Machine Interfaces User Requirements

  • Issue 01, Rev. 00, released on (Obsolete)

Specification & Design Documents

ROC-TST-GSE-SPC-00004-LES: ROC-SGSE Software Design Document

ROC-TST-SBM-NTT-00005-LES: SBM1 Detection Algorithm Simulator

ROC-TST-GSE-SPC-00012-LES: TV-SGSE Specification

ROC-TST-SBM-NTT-00016-LES: SBM2 Detection Algorithm Simulator

ROC-OPS-LLD-SPC-00018-LES: RPW LLVM Design Document

ROC-TST-GSE-NTT-00021-LES: ROC-SGSE Test Database Description

ROC-GEN-SYS-SPC-00026-LES: ROC Software System Specification (RSSS)

ROC-GEN-SYS-SPC-00036-LES: ROC Software System Design Document (RSSDD)

  • Issue 1, Rev 01 (draft)

ROC-GEN-SYS-NTT-00038-LES: ROC Mission Database Description Document (MDBDD)

Interface Control Documents (ICD)

ROC-TST-GSE-ICD-00023-LES: ROC-SGSE Calibration Software Interface Control Document (obsolete, replaced by the RCSICD)

ROC-PRO-PIP-ICD-00037-LES: RPW Calibration Software Interface Control Document (RCSICD)

ROC-OPS-OTH-ICD-00022-LES_Iss01_Rev00(Bias_Operations_ICD) (BOICD)

User Manuals & Reference Guides


ROC-TST-SFT-SUM-00027-LES: ROC-SGSE Calibration Software Validation Tool User Manual


ROC-TST-GSE-SUM-00035-LES: POPPy framework User Manual

ROC-GEN-SYS-SUM-XXXX-LES: ROC Software System Reference Guide

ROC-GEN-SYS-SUM-XXXX-LES: ROC Software System User Manual

ROC-OPS-SFT-BDG-00044-LES: Calculateur de TM pour RPW

Data Description Documents

ROC-PRO-DAT-NTT-00006-LES: RPW Data Products (RDP)

ROC-OPS-LLD-NTT-00028-LES: Data Description Document for the RPW Low Latency CDF Files (RPW LLDDD)

ROC-PRO-DAT-NTT-00060-LES: Solar Orbiter RPW Data Product Description Document (DPDD)


ROC-OPS-SYS-NTT-00056-LES: RPW Instrument State Model (ISM)

ROC-OPS-SYS-NTT-00059-LES: RPW instrument state transition matrix

ROC-OPS-SYS-NTT-00074-LES: RPW Flight Configurations Description Document (FCDD)


ROC-PRO-SFT-SUM-00043-LES: RCS User Manual Template

ROC-OPS-OTH-NTT-00054-LES: RPW Operation Plan Template

ROC-OPS-OTH-NTT-00055-LES: RPW Operation Report Template

ROC-OPS-OTH-NTT-00057-LES: RPW Operation Test Specification Template

ROC-OPS-OTH-NTT-00058-LES: RPW Operation Test Report Template

ROC-OPS-OTH-NTT-00068-LES: RPW Operation Plan Input Template

ROC-TST-OTH-NTT-00073-LES: ROC Test Plan Template

ROC-TST-OTH-NTT-00079-LES: ROC Test Report Template

ROC keynote template file


ROC-GEN-OTH-NTT-00045-LES: ROC Glossary of terms